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Centara Hotels & Resorts is jumping into Vang Vieng with fresh management contracts for two riverside hotels. The properties are expected to reopen in late 2021, after they complete their refurbishment programmes.

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Lao Derm COO and WeAreLao MD John Williams conducted a survey of 116 hotels in Luang Prabang to discover if they were open or closed.

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Our hopes for elephant conservation in Laos increase with the birth of a new boy on Xmas Day.

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In 2011, tourism development guru, Peter Semone, told the 3rd LANITH Symposium, “Today we will discuss how…to achieve one billion dollars in revenue by 2020.” His crystal ball appeared to be working, as 2019’s take was USD 934,710,409. A 2020 billion-dollar target looked doable.

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I expected loads of diners and vegetables at the Green Market on a Saturday. The place seemed closed.

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Covid clobbered tourism and hospitality coffers in 2020. All sizes of businesses took big hits. Plenty shuttered their doors. Others toughed it out and found something to do. WeAreLao joined them.

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The much-awaited vaccine has started the cellular battle against Covid. Tourists will soon be flooding to newly-opened destinations. One shot and I’m good, right? Wrong.

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Suppose it is 1 Jan 2020, and we’re pouring over the Tourism Development Department’s “2019 Statistical Report on Tourism in Laos”. At a glance, Laos has plenty of reasons to smile. Arrivals jumped 14% to 4,791,065, revenue surged ahead 15.2% towards USD 1 billion, and Green Season is soaring. However, where visitors get their information seems muddled.

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Meet the makers in the Made in Lao Fair 2020. Loads of great people and products. All unscripted, and apologies for the poor YouTube production. My first try.

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Lao President Bounnhang Vorachit cut the ribbon to open the Vientiane-Vang Vieng Expressway on 20 December, unleashing hordes of domestic tourists on the 110-km speedway to the holiday retreat. Drivers heavy on the pedal report travel times of an hour, a far cry from the half-day scenic tour on Route 13.

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