Staying Ashore

Staying Ashore on The Mekong
Stay in serenity, as The Mekong quietly flows by. You’ll find villas and hotel rooms with balconies overlooking the Nam Kong. Bungalows, tent camps, village homestays, and guesthouses dot the river banks. Stay in peace on The Mekong.


Staying Ashore on the Upper Mekong

Overnight in a luxurious Luang Prabang riverside boutique or with a family in an isolated Bokeo village. The Upper Mekong hosts more than 10 historic ports and landings with all kinds of accommodation. You can overnight on the river bank and find rooms inland as the river cuts through five Upper Mekong provinces.

Luang Namtha: Set the tone for your journey into the “Adventure Capital of Laos” with accommodation that melts with the natural surroundings. Most of Luang Namtha’s rooms are in and around the provincial capital on the Nam Tha River, and west in Muang Sing in the Green Triangle. You’ll also find village homestays, jungle...Read more.

Bokeo: Enjoy a laid back stay in Bokeo, before or after a Mekong cruise. Hotels, guesthouses, and travel agents in Houay Xay rent motorbikes and bicycles for local sightseeing or venturing to a nearby destination. Sawng taews and busses travel between Houay Xay Bus Station and other Bokeo district capitals. Check...Read more.

Oudomxay: You’ll discover some great room gems at reasonable rates in one of Laos’ hottest new destinations. Oudomxay sits at the heart of northern Laos, and tourists are just discovering the attractions hidden inside. To welcome you, Oudomxay province offers some 100 resorts, hotels, and guesthouses, many of...Read more.

Luang Prabang: Enjoy great accommodation with character, whatever your budget. Immerse yourself in the Luang Prabang UNESCO experience by staying at a hotel reflecting the city’s heritage. Enjoy morning coffee from a personal terrace overlooking a garden with lotus ponds or a balcony perched on the Mekong Riverbank...Read more.

Sayabouly: Enjoy your stay in one of the many new hotels and guesthouses popping up in this newly popular province. Sayabouly is coming alive, with new transportation links providing quicker travel times between Luang Prabang and Thailand. To meet the needs of tourists flocking to The Land of Elephants, new accomm...Read more.

Staying Ashore on the Central Mekong

Stay in a high-rise hotel overlooking The Mekong in Vientiane, or find a cosy riverside room in a French colonial Inn at Thakaek and Savannakhet. The Central Mekong presents four ports and landings, each with its own atmosphere and accommodation to match. You can overnight on the river bank and find rooms inland as the waterway drifts past four Central Mekong provinces.

Vientiane Capital: Pick the right room, in the right place, and at the right price on your Vientiane stay. The capital sits at a cultural, tourism, and business crossroads, and the city’s accommodation reflects this mix. Sip on your morning coffee on a patio overlooking a garden courtyard in town. Enjoy the Mekong sunset with a drink on your high-rise...Read more.

Bolikhamxay: Looking for a relaxing retreat near Vientiane? Stopping in Bolikhamxay before continuing south or east to Vietnam? You’ll find a choice of hotels and guesthouses centred at key locations around the province. Spend the night in a natural setting or with a riverside balcony. Find a...Read more.

Khammouane: Make “Where you Stay” part of your Khammouane experience, whether you’re overnighting in Thakaek Town or venturing out on “The Loop”. In Thakaek, you can curl up in a renovated French colonial hotel or guesthouse, or soak up tranquillity in the gardens of a Mekong Riverside ...Read more.

Savannakhet: Savannakhet welcomes more guests to Laos than anywhere except Vientiane. Its lure as a tourism hub is its link between Thailand to Vietnam along the “Savannakhet Historic Trail”. Savannakhet has unlocked the doors to almost 6,000 rooms at a range of accommodation and prices. Most...Read more.

Staying Ashore on the Lower Mekong

You’ll find a range of riverside accommodation on or near The Mekong in Pakse. Travel downriver to the 4,000 Islands and find a room near the Vat Phou heritage site or in fishing villages on Don Khong, Khone, and Det Islands. The Lower Mekong offers plenty of peaceful properties while the river rushes over rapids on its exit from Laos.

Champasak: Match your mood with your Champasak visit by picking accommodation that merges your experience with the atmosphere for your destination. With more than 200 establishments to choose from, you can stay in a star-rated hotel in Pakse, find a quiet guesthouse near Vat Phou, or treat yourself to a riverside resort on the Mekong’s 4,000 Islands. Those venturing to...Read more.


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Staying Ashore