Meet Thakaek on The Mekong

Immerse yourself in the once-vibrant French colonial port, and enjoy its yesteryear charms. 100-year-old architecture, sunset dining, and a relaxing view draw tourists to Thakaek’s Mekong Riverside.


Thakaek, some 335 km downriver by road from Vientiane and 185 km from Pakxan, mostly serves as a hub for tourists heading to Khammouane Province’s inland natural and cultural attractions and “The Loop”. Thakaek pier launches cross-river ferries to/from Nakhon Phanom, and there is little up or downriver transport, due to the ease of travel on Highway 13. No Mekong cruise lines stop in Thakaek, but you can enjoy a pleasant Mekong dinner cruise.

The Mekong’s steep, shady bank draws locals and tourists to the tables and chairs lining the river road, with restaurants, situated across the street, delivering meals and refreshments. The town retains its distinct ambience as a small 100-year-old port town, with a night market surrounded by French colonial structures converted into guesthouses, noodle shops, and small stores.

Along the Mekong near town, you can visit the 6th-century Sikhottabong Stupa, a nine-house cultural village, a pair of ancient temples, and the 9th-century Giant Wall (Kampaeng Yak). 


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