Meet Pakxan on The Mekong

Visit Pakxan on The Mekong during your journey through Central Laos. The cargo port and local ferry pier presents visitors with a link to The Mekong and the province’s activities that few are lucky enough to experience.


Pakxan, located about 150 km downriver from Vientiane, presents the Mekong gateway to little-explored Bolikhamxay Province. The town sits across the river from Beung Khan, Thailand, and mostly serves as a commercial and passenger ferry landing between the two countries. Pakxan handles little up-and-down river traffic at its pier, as National Route 13 runs through the province. But, Bolikhamxay does feature interesting Mekong activities and attractions.

Pakxan presents a tourism hub for river-based activities into Phou Khao Kwai National Protected Area and beyond, while featuring Mekong Riverside temples. Longboats docked at Pak Kading River take visitors up the river rapids while cutting through a rock canyon until the ride ends at the impassable Tad Vang Fong Falls. Kaeng Sadok on the Mekong, located some 25 km south of Pakxan, has an embankment to serve local fishing boats. Captains offer boat rides to tourist, who can view oddly shaped mid-river boulders and fishing flotillas, or take part in a fishing trip. The village also presents a 1-km-long white sandy beach for swimming and picnics.               


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