Luang Namtha natures Playground!

Luang Namtha is a beautiful province located in northern Laos, known for its stunning natural scenery, diverse ethnic cultures, and outdoor activities.

Here are ten top things to do in Luang Namtha:

1. Take a trekking tour of the Nam Ha National Protected Area, which offers stunning views of the region’s forests, mountains, and rivers.

2. Explore the ethnic villages of the region, such as the Khmu village of Vieng Phouka and the Akha village of Ban Nam Dee.

3. Visit the Luang Namtha Provincial Museum, which showcases the history and culture of the region’s ethnic minorities.

4. Take a kayaking tour of the Nam Tha River, which offers a unique perspective on the region’s scenery and wildlife.

5. Visit the That Xieng Tung Stupa, an ancient Buddhist site with a rich history and stunning views of the surrounding area.

6. Take a cooking class to learn how to make traditional Lao dishes, such as laap and tam mak hoong.

7. Visit the nearby Nam Dee waterfall, which offers a refreshing swimming spot and beautiful scenery.

8. Take a cycling tour of the countryside, where you can explore small villages and see daily life in rural Laos.

9. Visit the Nam Ha NPA Visitor Center, which offers information about the region’s ecosystems and wildlife.

10. Take a day trip to the Huay Sae Valley, where you can hike through forests, swim in waterfalls, and relax in natural hot springs. 

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