Lao Bears Getting Bigger Playground

Free the Bears has announced its 2018 updates and plans, with its new Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary (LPWS) near Kuang Si Waterfall taking centre stage. 

The giant Enclosure 2, which surrounds a large lake where the bears can romp and fish, is nearing completion. A new Cub Nursery and Quarantine House are partially finished.  

Also this year, LPWS has plans for a third bear house, a wildlife hospital, pangolarium/reptile pre-release facility, and the Small Carnivore Conservation Centre. Free the Bears noted that there is plenty of room for expansion.

LPWS recently completed a new educational area for tourists at the entrance to the falls with funding from the Environment Protection Fund and the Australian Embassy in Vientiane, as well as assistance from a group of students from University of Sunshine Coast.

The government has notified Free the Bears that eight bears are awaiting immediate rescue from Sayabouly Province, and will find a new home at Enclosure 2 and the Quarantine House at LPWS, once it opens.

Free the Bears will soon launch its Laos volunteer program, which presents an opportunity to help build the new sanctuary and experience Luang Prabang.

Since November 2017, Free the Bears in Laos has rescued nine moon bears, six red pandas, a common palm civet, macaques of various species, a leopard cat and a pygmy slow loris.

To visit Free the Bears in Laos, click here.

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