Khammouane Accommodation


In Thakaek, you can curl up in a renovated French colonial hotel or guesthouse, or soak up tranquillity in the gardens of a Mekong Riverside resort. The Loop lures travellers to Konglor Cave, and the surrounding “Limestone Forest” presents plenty of overnight options, beginning at Ban Nahin. The “Door to Konglor” offers guesthouses and bungalows, though you can choose a higher quality hotel or eco-lodge. Hinboun on Route 13 hosts modest guesthouses for those embarking on an adventure in the nearby protected area. Rooms are also available on the Nakai Plateau.

The number and types of accommodation throughout Khammouane keeps growing, with more than 125 establishments offering a diversity of settings and prices. In Thakaek, you can soak up luxury at a modern Mekong hotel for up to $120, stay in a star-rated room in a colonial building for between $35-100, or find a clean no-frills room for less than $10. At Ban Na Hin and Konglor, you can find eco-resorts for $30-50, and several rooms for $10-20. The handful of nice rooms around Hinboun on Route 13 run $10-20.        

Most mid-to-upper range establishments in Thakaek offer the modern amenities you’d expect: in-room Wi-Fi, satellite or cable TV, larger modern bathrooms, air conditioning, and balconies, along with restaurants and bars. Budget guesthouses sometimes have restaurants and offer complimentary breakfast. Facilities at accommodation in Ban Nahin, Hinboun, and elsewhere vary, and it’s best to shop first to ensure a comfortable stay. Staff in Thakaek tend to speak English and Thai, as well as some French and German.


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