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The “Good Tourism” Blog

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The “Good Tourism” Blog is dedicated to a truly sustainable and sincerely responsible travel & tourism industry; featuring news, opinions, stories, and evolving best practices representing all stakeholders. GT connects the dots between theory and practice, rhetoric and reality when it comes to notions of sustainability and responsibility in the travel & tourism industry.

Xieng Khouang Museum

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The Xieng Khouang Provincial Museum aims to promote appreciation and understanding about the history and culture of Xieng Khouang. Four short films highlight these stories. Learn more about us in “Our Stories”. All entrance fees finance the museum’s operations. Our Museum Shop celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of Xieng Khouang. Your purchase supports local artists and producers.

#Love Laos

Thinking about a holiday in Laos? Here you will find a collection of our favourite Lao travel articles, videos and stories to give you an insight into what a holiday in Laos can offer.

The Thakaek Loop

Grab a scooter in Thakaek, and put yourself in The Thakek Loop, Khammouane’s circuit connecting the province’s top adventures. The Loop begins in Thakaek, and runs east through Cave Alley, a 17-km stretch with easy-to-access caves, many with underground river boat rides. The Loop then splits north to the Nakai Plateau with Nam Theun 2 Reservoir. The Loop continues west on Route 8, through the “Karst Corridor”. Here, you’ll find The Rock Viewpoint, Ban Na Hin Town and the turnoff to Konglor Cave.

Southern Laos Tourism Depts.

Breathtaking landscapes, ancient temples, relaxing islands, and coffee plantations, there is something for every traveller in Southern Laos. Time to explore!

Laos Tourism Marketing Dept.

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From the rolling mountains of the north to the river islands of the south, ours is a land of untouched wonder and rare beauty. Rich in history, traditions, diverse landscapes and cultures, Laos is sure to captivate your inner explorer. When will you begin your journey of discovery?

Xieng Khouang Tourism Information

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Tourists often ask, “Is there anything else to do in Xieng Khouang besides see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of jars?” The answer, “Plenty.”

Sekong Tourism Information Center

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Most of Sekong remains a mystery, but you can tap into this remote province and see its hidden waterfalls and untouched ethnic villages.

Tourism Sayabouly

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Immerse yourself in the myths surrounding Sayabouly’s ancient religious sites and caves, while enjoying untouched nature and getting up close with elephants.

Salavan Province Tourism

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Be among the first to experience waterfalls rushing over the Bolaven Plateau, rarely explored caves, overlooked ethnic groups adept at weaving, and the scars of war.

Phongsaly Tourism

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Tucked in the far north of Laos, Phongsaly offers treks and boat expeditions into remote mountainous areas. Aside from a mix of rarely visited ethnic groups, green tea holds the province’s spotlight. Our Provincial Tourism Office is located near the market and Pinkham Guesthouse. We book treks, rent mountain bikes, and offer free information and maps.

Oudomxay Tourism Center

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With four provinces bordering Oudomxay, the province has evolved into a tourism crossroads. Inspect its 13-km-long Chom Ong Cave, Nam Kat Waterfall, and Pakbeng on the Mekong, before heading to your next destination. The Tourism Center books tours, is loaded with information, and rents cycles.

Luang Prabang Tourism

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Go for more on your visit to Luang Prabang. The UNESCO World Heritage City oozes with history, and cultural and natural sites and activities that lure you to stay longer. Whether you’re looking for a quiet poolside holiday, an adventure filled trek to a waterfall in the jungle, or the chance to meet locals in a hillside ethnic village, Luang Prabang offers it all.

Luang Namtha Tourism

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Visit Luang Namtha to enjoy life and nature. There are so many outdoor activities, you won’t be short of choice. Come and stay for at least 3 days to make the most of the natural beauty, diverse cultures, and the unique Nam Ha Conservation Area. Stay longer and explore remote districts; you can cycle, trek, kayak or take a leisurely road trip. We welcome you to our province!

Khammouane Tourism

Head to a mystical land with rivers running through secret tunnels that cut through limestone towers. It’s like another world.

Houaphanh Provincial Tourism

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Explore Viengxay Cave City, join the Nam Nern Night Safari, inspect the 2,000-year-old Hintang Archaeological Park, and explore Xam Neua Town.

Champasak Tourism Information Center

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Surround yourself in Champasak’s ancient Khmer roots and French colonial history, investigate the province’s culture, and explore nature on the Bolaven Plateau.

Bolikhamxay Tourism

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Enter Nature’s Backdoor in for hidden outdoor secrets and Buddhist sites shrouded in mystery. The province presents a great extension for your Vientiane stay, or an intriguing stopover on your journey in The Last Frontier.

Bokeo Tourism Department

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Uncover Bokeo, often overlooked by other travellers. You’ll discover ancient heritage, incredible culture, and adventures in raw nature. You can find and book tours at the Bokeo Provincial Tourism Department in Houay Xay on the Mekong.