Getting to Xieng Khouang

Fly or drive to the plain of Jars.


Three daily busses depart to Phonsavanh from Vientiane Capital’s Northern Bus Terminal from 07:00-10:30. Three late busses leave between 04:30- 20:00. The 400-km, air-conditioned coach ride takes about 10 hours and costs LAK110,000. You can also book a minivan service at a Vientiane travel agent. Lao Airlines offers 6 flights a week from Vientiane. Lao Skyway has three flights per week from Vientiane (Mon, Wed, Fri) lwaving at 11:00, and three flights a week from Luang Prabang (Mon, Wed, Fri) lwaving at 14:15.

Morning air-conditioned busses head to Xieng Khouang from Vang Vieng (219 km, LAK95,000) and Luang Prabang (262 km, LAK105,000), and non-air-con buses from Sam Neua in Houaphanh (250 km, LAK80,000) and Pakxan in Bolikhamxay (220 km, LAK100,000). Mini-van service is also available from travel agents.

Note: Schedules and prices are subject to change. Please check with the airlines and bus terminals before planning your departure.


Xieng Khouang: Beyond the Plain of Jars
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