Getting to Laos

Getting to Laos
Travelling to Laos is now easier than ever. Major airlines arrive from Asian hubs. Overland options seem endless. And the Visa on Arrival process is easy and fast.
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Getting to Laos


Flying to Laos?

Flights to Laos from around the world are easy to organize. You’ll find direct connections throughout Asia. Vientiane is Laos’ top airport, offering connecting domestic flights. Direct flights to Luang Prabang are on the rise, with Pakse and Savannakhet also on the international radar.

Entering Laos Overland?

Land-linked by five neighbors, Laos offers 18 border crossings, most with Visas on Arrival. Located all around the country, these checkpoints provide easy access and onward transportation for every itinerary. Find all the facts on your overland entry.

Need a Visa?

Enter Laos fast and easy with a Visa on Arrival. Fill out a short form, pay the fee, get a stamp, and…Welcome to The Last Frontier. The process general takes less than 15 minutes, but regulations and fees vary by country. Get info on the visa process before you come.


Getting to Laos...The Last Frontier

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