Getting around Sekong

Heading to the Province’s attractions is easy from Sekong Town, where tuk-tuks, song taews, and vans are available.


Guesthouses, hotels, and the Visitor Information Centre in can help you arrange transportation. Bicycles can also be rented, and the visitor centre can arrange guided tours, as can travel agents in Sekong Town and Pakse.

Without a motorcycle rented in Pakse, getting around the province’s more remote areas can be challenging. Local busses depart from Sekong Town to outlying districts – Thateng (45 km), Kaleum (72 km), and Dakchung (103 km) – for LAK25,000-70,000.

Note: Bus and song taew schedules and prices are subject to change. Please check before departing.

Tapping into Remote Sekong

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