Getting around Khammouane

Tackle “The Loop” on a motorcycle or visit sites in a sawng taew. You find plenty of options for getting around “The River Cave Capital”.


Tuk tuks are readily available for sightseeing around Thakaek. Some sawng taew (Pickup trucks with benches) drivers can be hired by the day for tourists who want to visit specific attractions around town and into Cave Alley. Prices are negotiable. A few local busses stop at district stations, mostly in the morning and late afternoon. Be sure to check departure times before you travel, as schedules are subject to change.

Sawng taews and mini-busses travel between Khammouane’s district centres throughout the day. They depart when full, and early morning is the best time for catching a quick ride to nearby locations.

Motorbike and bicycle rentals are available in Thakaek, and most travellers tackling The Loop go by motor scooter. Several tour operators and the Visitor Information Centres in Thakaek and Ban Na Hin offer a variety of itineraries throughout the province, as do agents in Vientiane. You can also hire vehicles with drivers and riverboats with captains at guesthouses, hotels, and tour operators.


Khammouane…The River Cave Capital

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