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Catch a direct flight to Laos from hubs in China and Korea, with more destinations just one stop away. You can land in Vientiane and Luang Prabang in a single hop on a choice of airlines. It’s quick and easy to reach Laos from North Asia.
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From China

China to Vientiane

Fly straight to Vientiane from five southern Chinese cities. You’ll find several airlines offering daily and regular weekly flights. Departures are shown in Chinese times, and arrivals in Lao time.


From Kunming

You can fly directly to Vientiane from the heart of Yunnan on a choice of airlines. Two to three flights depart every morning from Kunming’s Changshui International Airport for Vientiane.

Lao Airlines offers one daily flight on board QV 816, which departs at 10:50 and arrives at 11:30.

China Eastern Airlines has a daily flight, MU 2589, departing at 08:05 and arriving at 08:50.

Sichuan Airlines operates three flights per week (2, 4, 6), which depart at 08:50 and land at 09:20.

From Guangzhou

You can catch a direct afternoon flight six days a week at Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport.

Lao Airlines offers three flights per week (2, 4, 6) on board QV 882, which depart at 17:10 and arrive at 18:40.

China Southern’s CZ 6091 departs three times a week (3, 5, 7) at 18:10 and arrives at 19:40.

From Nanning

You’ll find daily mid-morning direct flights to Vientiane at Nanning’s Wuxu International Airport.

China Eastern Airlines offers daily service from Nanning to Vientiane. MU 783 departs at 10:45 and arrives at Wattay Airport at 11:20.

From Hunan

Those in Changsha in Hunan Province will find two direct flights a week, leaving from Huanghua International Airport.

Lao Airlines flies the route on Monday and Friday. QV 856 departs at 17:40 and arrives at 18:55.

From Changzhou

You’ll find a direct Monday afternoon flight from Changzhou Airport.

Lao Airlines has a Monday flight (QV 886), which takes off at 14:00 and lands at 16:20.


China to Luang Prabang

Looking for a short cut from China to Laos’ famed UNESCO World Heritage City? You can now fly directly from four Chinese tourism hubs, with several airlines offering daily and regular weekly flights. Departures are shown in Chinese times, and arrivals in Lao time.


From Kunming

Catch a direct flight from the Yunnan capital four days a week. Flights depart Kunming Changshui International Airport.

China Eastern Airlines operates four flights a week (2, 4, 6, 7). MU 2561 departs at 13:55 and lands at 14:30.

From Jinghong

You’ll find two direct flights a week from Jinhong’s Xishuangbanna Airport.

Lao Airlines’ QV 812 flies on Thursday and Sunday, taking off at 13:10 and landing the UNESCO World Heritage City in one hour.

From Chengdu

Three flights a week depart Chengdu’a Shuangliu International Airport for Luang Prabang.

Lao Airlines operates three flights per week (2, 4, 6). QV 814 departs at 22:00 and arrives at 23:20.

From Hainan

Those flying in from Hainan Island can catch a daily flight departing in the early morning from Haikou Meilan International Airport.

Hainan Airlines offers daily service, with HU 459 departing at 06:55 and landing at 07:40. 


From Korea

Korea to Vientiane

Fly directly to Vientiane from a pair of Korean cities. You’ll find a few airlines offering daily and regular weekly flights. Departures are shown in Korean times, and arrivals in Lao time.


From Seoul

Fly directly to Vientiane from Incheon Airport with a choice of airlines and departure times. Flights take 6-7 hours.

Lao Airlines offers five flights per week (1, 2, 4, 5, 6). QV 912 departs at 10:40 and arrives at 13:50.

Jin Air/Korean Airlines offers daily flights (JIN AIR 51/KAL 5207) departing at 17:00 and landing at Vientiane at 20:50. Jin Air operates the flight.

T’Way Airlines operates daily flights from Incheon, though the timetable varies. TW 131 departs at 17:50 (1, 3, 5), and arrives at 21:15. The same flight departs at 19:00 on Saturday and lands at 22:30.

TW 135 takes off at 21:15 (2, 4) and lands at 00:50. On Sunday, the same flight departs at 22:05 and lands at 02:20 early Monday.   

From Busan

You can now catch direct flights to Vientiane almost every morning from Busan Airport.

Lao Airlines operates QV 916 three days a week (2, 4, 6). The flight departs at 07:50, and arrives Vientiane at 10:45.

Air Busan offers regular flights five days a week. BX 745 departs at 09:05 and arrives at 12:30.


Laos…Just One Stop Away

Laos’ direct flight footprint continues to grow throughout North Asia, and is now just one stop away from many major air hubs. If you’re flying from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Northern China, and other North Asian destinations, you may be just one transit stop from Laos…Tha Last Frontier.

Note: The flight numbers and times above reflect the schedules published by each airline as of 30 November 2017. Schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check the airlines’ sites for the most up to date timetables.
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