Things to see and do in Bolikhamsai

La Sala de Paksan café & bistro

Come and rest in La Sala de Paksan, Located in Xanaxay village, Paksan district, Bolikhamxay province. a few hundred meters from the main road. A modern café in a very calm place close to a pond. You will feel alone in the world. No houses to hide the view on nature. You will be lulled by the song of cicadas if you seat on one of the 3 large terraces. Or refresh inside where you can read quietly one of the books made available to you. You will really enjoy pleasant moment in La Sala de Paksan café & bistro.

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Song Si River

When you come to Paksan, a sprawling city with only about 25.000 inhabitants; made of many villages, don’t miss to walk along the Song Si River and enjoy the beautiful sunset. There is a large sidewalk with protections to keep cars from running over it where your children play freely and safely. You are just in front of Bueng Kan in Thailand. Start the walk where the blues waters of Song Si River meet brown waters of Mekong River. This is a very quiet place where you will be able to rest, away from the bustle of big cities. And if you are hungry or thirsty, don’t worry, you will find a few bars and restaurants. In October, like in many towns in Laos, enjoy Boat Racing Festival. Boats can hold up to fifty rowers. Come support the 3 categories of rowers! (Race; traditional for women and traditional for men).

Vang Nam Yen

“Vang Nam Yen” is a clear and cold water palace all year round, except in winter and summer. Vang Nam Yen is located on the Bolikhamxay Province Loop about 35 km west of Lak Sao on Rte. This palace is the origin of Namang River which is a branch of Nam Theun. It is a beautiful natural place surrounded by mountains, forests and biodiversity. If anyone has been to visit, they will be in awe and connect with nature without knowing enough. Many tourists are interested in learning about nature because this palace, regardless of whether it is rainy or dry, the water level will be normal, not high and not dry, and when it rains, the water will not be muddy.

Pha Bath Phon San Temple

located at Thaphabat District, Bolikhamxay Province, is an old and famous temple among the temples located in Along the road No. 13 South, the popularity of Buddhism, popular faith, not only in the province Not only Bolikhamxay and the capital, but along the coast of Thailand, it is considered to shine with faith to Wat Phat as well. The location of the temple on a high hill in an area of 12 hectares. The practice place of Phikkhu is all built on the stone floor, so the things that are permanent material in the temple are born. Depending on the strength of faith or donations from all philanthropists and the pot will be completed one by one. He strives to break through those stones to complete the difficult construction