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How to Make Lao Khao Whisky
25 kg of dry sticky rice will produce 20 liters of lao khao. Soak the rice for at least three hours (depending on the variety of rice). When the moisture is fully absorbed into to rice, the grain is slightly translucent and expanded in size. Now scoop the soaked rice out and rinse with clean water to ensure the rice will not absorb the smell of the original water…and that’s just the start of the process.
PDF icon How to Make Lao Khao Whisky 2019 LNTA-ADB Lao & English
Savannakhet’s New Xe Champhone Loop Map
Xe Champhone Loop offers a lot of activities to be discovered and incredible wildlife. It is a perfect family trip for a weekend out of Savannakhet city or if you want to take your time on the road between Pakse and Thakhek.
PDF icon Savannakhet’s New Xe Champhone Loop Map 2021 Tetraktys English
Restaurants in Luang Prabang
This brochure introduces visitors to the most well-known and finest eateries in town serving a variety of dishes from Lao to French to name it.
PDF icon Restaurants in Luang Prabang 2019 We Are Lao English
Coffee Shops in Luang Prabang
A walk around town earns a cup of coffee, and Luang Prabang offers a great selection of cafes and bakeries. You'll find the best Lao brew, amazing roasts, infused cold coffee served with tempting homemade pastries and baked goods.
PDF icon Coffee Shops in Luang Prabang 2019 We Are Lao English
Luang Prabang Bars and Eateries
Nothing like a cold Beer Lao or cocktail after a day-full of activities. Why not toss is some snacks? Luang Prabang has plenty of bars and eateries for everyone. Sports bars, riverside solitude, and garden settings. Check out some of the favorites.
PDF icon Luang Prabang Bars and Eateries 2019 We Are Lao English
Pizzerias in Luang Prabang
There's no lack of pizzerias in Luang Prabang. It's a tough choice to find a winner amidst the best. We Are Lao hunted down the best of the best. Have a look.
PDF icon Pizzerias in Luang Prabang 2019 We Are Lao English
The Historic Don Khone Railway
The Mekong Expedition 1886-1893: By the mid-1800s, the British controlled foreign trade along China’s coast, and French merchants sought a commercial toehold in Asia. Napoleon III’s navy, eager for colonial glory, set its sights on Vietnam, and captured Saigon in 1861. A young naval officer, Francis Garnier, enthusiastically advocated exploring the Mekong as a potential route to tap the fabled riches of China. In 1864, he presented his plan to the colony’s governor, Admiral La Grandière, and the “Mekong Expedition Commission” was soon approved and Laos’ first railway began construction. Read the highlights and the go see for yourself.
PDF icon The Historic Don Khone Railway 2016 LNTA-ADB Lao & English
Historic Bokeo
Welcome to historic Bokeo Province. Located in the once notorious Golden Triangle region, forming Laos' border with Thailand and Myanmar, Bokeo now offers visitors an insight into earlier eras of religion, royalty, war and trade, with archaeological relics and ancient temples. Located about one hour upriver from Houay Xay is the Souvannahkhomkham archaeological site. This network of temples, stupas and Buddha statues was first established during the 5th century and has been re-built many times. The current ruins date back to the Lane Xang Kindgom from the 14th to 16th centuries. The area is actually comprised of 40 sites spanning 10,000 hectares. Highlights include a 7 metre high Buddha statue, one of the biggest in Laos, which was long ago raided for treasures concealed inside.
PDF icon Historic Bokeo 2016 LNTA-ADB Lao & English
Lao Travel Green Zone Draft Plan
This plan presents the Lao Green Travel Zone concept, which integrates the Project Sandbox proposal of Lao Airlines and input from members of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including representatives of tour companies, hotels and restaurants, transportation providers and the Lao Insurance Association. The plan is based on recommendations by other stakeholders in the industry, including Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, UNDP, and UNWTO, which propose opening from 2022 and recovery by 2024-25.
PDF icon Lao Travel Green Zone Draft Plan 2021 Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry English

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