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Bolikhamxay Visitor Panel
Bolikhamxay Province, located just south of Vientiane in central Laos, is a center for ecotourism activities with its two national protected areas and an extensive system of wetlands. The journey from Route 13 to Lak Sao on Route 8 offers spectacular scenery of karst mountain landscapes and is considered to be one of the most impressive passages in the country. Vat Phabath, located on the road between Vientiane and Paksan is an important pilgrimage site and sacred temple that houses a shrine containing a giant footprint of the Lord Buddha (phabat). It is believed that all travelers passing by the temple should stop and pay their respects to ensure a safe journey and strong health.
PDF icon Bolikhamxay Visitor Panel 2016 Bolikhamxay Tourism Dept English
Chom Ong Cave System Tour Program
Chom Ong Cave system is a recently rediscovered natural attraction located about 45 km from Oudomxay Town near the Khmu Lu village of Ban Chom Ong Thai. In the village yu can see traditional handicraft production and authentic village life on you journey to the cave. Check out the three-day program.
PDF icon Chom Ong Cave System Tour Program.pdf ADB English
Historic Khammouane
Everyone is talking about the Khammouane Loop, zip-lines, and loads of caves when discussing the province. However, their is more to Khammouane than nature-based activities...History. While in Thakaek, you can visit the revered Sikhotabong Stupa, Meuang Phone Stupa, Kamphang Nyak: The Great Wall, Tin Mines, Old Thakhek, the famed Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the Historic French Railway,
PDF icon Historic Khammouane 2016 ADB-LNTA Lao & English
Don Khong: The Head of the 4,000 Islands
Enjoy a peaceful stay on Don Khong, the gateway to the Mekong River’s 4,000 Islands, one-time French Colonial base, and birthplace of Lao PDR’s first President Khamtay Siphandone. A short island tour takes you to 10 attractions like the “Sugar Palm Tree Chief”, a museum, and Vat Phou-era temples among the rice fields and forests. Khong Town offers a quaint row of guesthouses for overnight stays before journeying to the other islands.
PDF icon Don Khong: The Head of the 4,000 Islands 2016 LNTA-ADB English
Phongsaly Visitor Panels
Farthest north in Laos is Phongsaly, which shares borders with China and Vietnam. Most of Phongsaly is at high altitudes, and the capital is located 1,400 m above sea level. The forests of Pongsaly are the most remote and well-preserved in northern Laos, and scenery includes spectacular limestone mountains and the Nam Ou River (the biggest tributary of the Mekong in Laos). The population is made up of about 22 different ethnicities, with the major groups being the Phu Noi, Tai Lue, Haw, Akha, and Khmu.
PDF icon Phongsaly Visitor Panels 2016 LNTA-ADB English
Importance of Social Media in the Image Formation of Tourist Destinations from the Stakeholders’ Perspective
This research aimed to provide a more informed and systematic basis on which to develop the positioning strategy in social media due to the interactive capacity and influence that social media has in the success of tourist destinations. In particular, we investigated the role of stakeholders.
PDF icon Importance of Social Media in the Image Formation of Tourist Destinations from the Stakeholders’ Perspective 2020 MDPI: Sustainability 2020 English
1000 Caves Area & 1Day CBT Program & Ban Keo & Na Thang
Nam Thang 1000 Caves Area is a limestone karst landscape where cave-pocked cliffs surround the Khmu villages of Ban Nathang, and Ban Keo. Here the Nam Thang stream has cut right through the mountains, andwinds its way, to the Nam Poui river. The traveller has a chance to explore the area’s chasms and caves while getting an insight into Lao life with a homestay option in Ban Keo Village. This area, about 43 km south of Sayabouli town can be accessed by the adventurous, along a mountain road.
PDF icon 1000 Caves Area & 1Day CBT Program & Ban Keo & Na Thang 2016 ADB English
Bokeo Map
This map guides you throughout this overlooked province filled with hidden treasures outside Houay Xay. Explore the ancient kingdom of Souvannakhokham with a giant Buddha. Cool off in Nam Nyorn Waterfalls, Stand at Lao’s third of the Golden Triangle. Trek in the Nam Kan National Protected area, or immerse yourself in the famed Gibbon Experience.
PDF icon Bokeo Map 2016 Bokeo Tourism Department Lao & English
4000 Islands - Siphandone
The breath-taking 4,000 Islands, or Si Phan Don, are located in a section of the Mekong River just north of the Cambodian border. Si Phan Don is an important wetland habitat for both bird and aquatic wildlife species. It also provides an important natural resource base that supports many local people through fishing and other indigenous activities. This brochure takes you to the top islands, waterfalls, and rapids.
PDF icon 4000 Islands - Siphandone 2016 LNTA-ADB Lao & English
As a market highly dependent on both Chinese outbound tourism and the Chinese economy, Southeast Asia is a region which was heavily affected by COVID-19 even in the early months of 2020. With the declaration of a pandemic, as well as the closing of borders and imposition of lockdowns, Southeast Asia’s tourism economy will continue to be impacted for the foreseeable future. This report gives the latest situation as of January 2021

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