Phongsaly: Land of Green Tea
Tucked in the far north of Laos, Phongsaly offers treks and boat expeditions into remote mountainous areas. Aside from a mix of rarely visited ethnic groups, green tea holds the province’s spotlight.
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History: Phongsaly is wedged between China and Vietnam, and both countries have influenced the province, which was once part of the ethnic Tai Lue’s Sipsongpanna Kingdom. Little is known of the history of Phongsaly, but historians believe the Phou Noi left Muang Sing and Burma and arrived in Phongsaly at the end...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Meet some of Laos least visited ethnic groups in Phongsaly. The Ethnic Museum in Phongsaly Town provides detailed information about the province’s 28 different tribes. The Akha migrated from the Tibetan Plateau several hundred years ago, and live in the mountains of Phongsaly. They follow a cultural...Read more.

Things to Do: Immerse yourself in remote Phongsaly on a trek or boat expedition into the northern mountains. Meet rarely visited ethnic groups, and head to green tea plantations…the province’s spotlight. Phongsaly Town remains much as it was 100 years ago. Having avoided the ravages of the Indochinese Wars, the...Read more.

Top Attractions: Discover Phongsaly’s nature, culture, and…Green Tea at plantations, villages, shops, museums, and protected areas. Take a trip 18 km from Phongsaly Town to Ban Komaen’s Green Tea Pavilion and its 400-year-old tea plantation, which some say has the oldest tea trees in the world. You’ll learn how...Read more.

Getting There: Access keeps getting easier to Laos’ northernmost frontier. Lao Skyway offers four flights a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) at 13:00 from Vientiane to Phongsaly Province (Boun Neua District Airport). The trip takes 1-hour, 40-minutes. Phongsaly can be reached by bus from the Northern...Read more.

Getting Around: Discover how to get around Laos’ remote northernmost frontier. Tuk tuks, sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches), and boats are available in district centres, and offer an easy way to travel around the province. You can also rent bicycles for about $1-2 per day. Motorbikes are available for hire in Phongsaly...Read more.

Where to Stay: Phongsaly accommodation delivers an authentic rural Asian experience you won’t find anywhere else. Phongsaly, Laos’ northernmost frontier, borders China, Vietnam, and three Lao provinces. While tourists are just discovering this remote mountainous province, regional governments and businesses have...Read more.

Travel Guide: Ready to explore Laos’ northernmost Final Frontier? Here’s how to do it. Phongsaly, Laos’ northernmost province, pokes into China and northern Vietnam, and remains one of the least visited provinces in the country. Small pockets of little known ethnic groups live in remote mountain villages that were once part...Read more.


Phongsaly: Land of Green Tea