Sayabouly: The Land of Elephants
Immerse yourself in the myths surrounding Sayabouly’s ancient religious sites and caves, while enjoying untouched nature and getting up close with elephants.

History: Little is known about Sayabouly’s past, and much is shrouded in myth. Here’s what historians know…Evidence points to 1,000-year-old relics in today’s Sayabouly Province as proof of early settlements established by migrants from Burma and China. A wave of Tai Lue arrived from China in the 15th century, before the...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Visit Khmu, Hmong, and Tai Lue villages throughout the province, or venture to meet more obscure groups such as the Iu Mien, Tong Luang, and Phrai in the steep mountains. The Khmu migrated to Sayabouly centuries ago, and practice animism and spirit worship. The village entrance, a decorated...Read more.

Things to Do: Immerse yourself in the myths surrounding the Land of Elephant’s ancient religious sites and caves, while enjoying untouched nature and meeting the locals.  Myth blends with nature, culture, and history in the mountains of Sayabouly, The Land of Elephants. Take the Northern Legends Trail, and explore religious...Read more.

Top Attractions: The Land of Elephants puts you up close to pachyderms in their environment. You can also examine ancient temples and stupas, explore caves, hike to waterfalls, and observe natural oddities. Immerse yourself in “The Land of Elephants”, at the Elephant Conservation Centre, about 6 km outside Sayabouly...Read more.

Getting There: You can catch overland transportation to the province from several Lao destinations as well as Thailand. Mekong riverboats also cruise to a few Sayabouly landings. Local busses depart Vientiane for Sayabouly Town via Paklay at 08:00 and 09:00 (LAK90,000-110,000), and VIP sleeper busses leave the capital...Read more.

Getting Around: Sayabouly Town is the province’s travel hub, with Hongsa serving the north and Paklay launching trips in the south. Tuk tuks, sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches), 4WD vehicles, and minivans are the main forms of transportation between the three hubs and outlying provinces. They leave two-to-three...Read more.

Where to Stay: Enjoy your stay in one of the many new hotels and guesthouses popping up in this newly popular province. Sayabouly is coming alive, with new transportation links providing quicker travel times between Luang Prabang and Thailand. To meet the needs of tourists flocking to The Land of Elephants, new accomm...Read more.

Travel Guide: A growing network of bridges and roads gives you easy access to the Land of Elephants. New accommodation and restaurants add to an enjoyable stay, while visiting cultural and natural attractions. To tour the province’s Northern Legends Trail, base your stay in Hongsa Town, while Sayabouly Town covers the Land...Read more.


Sayabouly: The Land of Elephants
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Elephant Conservation Center
Visit the Elephant Conservation Center for an immersive experience while helping conserve Asia's most iconic species. Located on a lake in Sayabouly’s Nam Tien protected area, ECC offers a 2-day Discovery package with forest walks and encounters with elephants and mahouts, nursery and hospital visits, elephant baths, and an overnight in a bamboo bungalow. The 3-day Exploration adds training with positive reinforcement, and cognitive enrichment via playtime. The 7-day Eco Volunteering extends the experience into ECCs projects, such as recording elephant behavior, participating in enrichment activities, and producing elephant dung paper. Packages include 2.5-hour transfers to/from Luang Prabang.
Elephant Conservation Center +856 20 9659 0665