Oudomxay: The Heart of Northern Laos
With four provinces bordering Oudomxay, the province has evolved into a tourism crossroads. Inspect its 13-km-long Chom Ong Cave, Nam Kat Waterfall, and Pakbeng on the Mekong, before heading to your next destination.
Oudomxay a destination with endless winding roads in Laos

History: Follow Oudomxay’s past from the fortified “Big Village” to becoming a Lao province. According to some historians, the Khmu were the first people to settle in today’s Oudomxay Province around the year 700. In about 1260, ethnic Lai migrated from Sipsongpanna in southern China, and built Ban Luang Cheng...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Immerse yourself in Oudomxay’s ethnic diversity. The Khmu make up the majority, while the Akha, Lao Loum, Tai Lue, Hmong, and smaller groups round out the population. The Akha are a sizeable ethnic group in Oudomxay, having migrated from the Tibetan Plateau several hundred years ago. Akha villages...Read more.

Things to Do: Inspect the 13-km-long Chom Ong Cave, Nam Kat Waterfall, and Pakbeng on the Mekong, before heading to your next destination from the Heart of Northern Laos. Kick off your experience in Muang Xay,the hub for Oudomxay’s tours, and a must-stop destination for travellers digging into Northern Lao. Explore...Read more.

Top Attractions: Check out what Oudomxay is all about during your stay in the Heart of Northern Laos. Adventurers are still exploring Oudomxay’s hidden crannies. They recently revealed Cham Ong, one of Asia’s 10 longest caves, and Nam Kat Waterfall, and amazing natural wonder buried in the forest. The province’s ethnic...Read more.

Getting There: Jump right in to the Heart of Northern Laos by air, short bus rides, or Mekong riverboat. Lao Skyway offers flights from Vientiane every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 14:50 for the hour-long flight to Muang Xay. Lao Airlines has daily flights departing Vientiane at 11:40 for a 50-minute flight...Read more.

Getting Around: You can find a few options to get you to Oudomxay’s attractions and destinations. A handful of public busses travel between Muang Xay Town and Muang Beng, Muang Houn, and Pak Beng, and they generally depart in the morning or early afternoon...Read more.

Where to Stay: You’ll discover some great room gems at reasonable rates in one of Laos’ hottest new destinations. Oudomxay sits at the heart of northern Laos, and tourists are just discovering the attractions hidden inside. To welcome you, Oudomxay province offers some 100 resorts, hotels, and guesthouses, many of...Read more.

Travel Guide: Uncover the Ins and Outs of travelling and staying in The Heart of Northern Laos. Lao Skyway offers flights from Vientiane every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to Muang Xay, and Lao Airlines has daily flights departing Vientiane at 11:40. Travel agents in Luang Prabang and Luang Namtha can arrange van...Read more.

Oudomxay: The Heart of Northern Laos
Recommended in Oudomxay
Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge
Sitting on the Mekong Riverbanks, the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge is midway between Luang Prabang and the Lao-Thai border crossing, a day’s cruise from both ports. The Lodge is an ideal starting point for forest walks and village visits off the tourist trail. The Lodge faces the Mekong Elephant Park, , which is dedicated to the protection of elephants and offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the life of an animal important in Lao culture. Stay a few days, and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and picturesque sunrise and sunset over the Mekong. Your visit will be one of relaxation but also of unusual encounters and an immersion into traditional Lao life.
Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge +856 (0) 81 212 304
Mekong Elephant Park
The Mekong Elephant Park sits on the Mekong Riverbanks opposite Pakbeng Village and is a non-riding elephant preservation sanctuary. The park offers visitors the chance to discover elephants in spectacular natural surroundings. It is open daily from 11:00 to 16:30, and allows visitors to set off on a journey with friendly giants and assist to their daily life: bathing, feeding…and much more. You may also gain insight into local handicraft workshops, a traditional Hmong farm and the mahout’s way of life. On top of these activities, you may also choose to have intimate moments with the pachyderms prior 11:00 through turnkey packages.
Mekong Elephant Park +856 (0) 20 5557 0228