Houaphanh: The Birthplace of Lao PDR
Explore Viengxay Cave City, join the Nam Nern Night Safari, inspect the 2,000-year-old Hintang Archaeological Park, and explore Xam Neua Town.
Historical Caves in Laos during the fight for freedom

History: Here’s how Houaphanh went from the home of a kingdom to a Vietnamese province to the Birthplace of Lao PDR. Houaphanh was home of the Bon Man Kingdom (Muang Phuan) beginning in the 14th century. Following a Vietnamese invasion in 1478, it became the Tran Ninh Territory of the Dại Viet Kingdom with the capital...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Say “Hello” to Houaphanh’s ethnic groups, whose villages dot the province’s roads. The Hmong migrated from China to Houaphanh in the 19th century. Most live in hilltop villages, and are skilled at hunting, mixing herbal medicines, and raising animals, particularly horses. Intricate embroidery and heavy silver jewellery...Read more.

Things to Do: Best known for Viengxay Cave City, Houaphanh holds other treasures. Take a leisurely walk through Xam Neua Town, or head further away on the Xam Neua Bike Trail. No trip to Houaphanh is complete without going on the Viengxay Caves Tour or visiting the Hintang Archaeological Park with 2,000-year-old burial sites. The...Read more.

Top Attractions: Explore the Viengxay cave network that gave birth to a revolution. Investigate the Hintang ancient burial site, or take the Night Safari to search for wild animals. Discover the heritage, culture, and nature of this rarely visited province. A walk around Xam Neua Town reveals its past dating to the 16th century. In the centre...Read more.

Getting There: You’re just an hour-long flight away from the Birthplace of Lao PDR.Lao Skyway offers six flights a week (Monday-Saturday) to Xam Neua, departing between 09:00 and 09:30, and arrives about an hour later. Check their latest timetable. Three local busses leave from Vientiane Capital’s Northern Bus Terminal at 07:00...Read more.

Getting Around: Choose a sawng taew, bus, or motorbike to move around Houaphanh. Sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches) are available in district centres, and offer an easy way to travel around the province. You can also rent bicycles for about $1-2 per day. Motorbikes are available in Xam Neua...Read more.

Where to Stay: Pick the place that’s perfect for you on your visit to the Plain of Jars and beyond, as it's all about location. Most of Xieng Khouang’s 100-plus hotels, guesthouses, and resorts are in and around Phonsavanh Town, the provincial capital and gateway to the jars. You’ll find a reasonable choice of quality, but unless you hire...Read more.

Travel Guide: ’s easy to travel to the home of Cave City, with hotels and restaurants redy to serve. Houaphanh, considered the birthplace of Lao PDR, is mostly known for Viengxay Cave City, where the Pathet Lao leaders planned and carried out the revolution for independence. The north-eastern province can be easily accessed...Read more.


Houaphanh: The Birthplace of Lao PDR