The Savannakhet Historic Trail
Delve into Savannakhet’s past, from its prehistory to the Indochina War, while experiencing the province’s distinct natural and cultural attractions. Climb aboard the Savannakhet Historic Trail.


History: Immerse yourself in Savannakhet’s intriguing past…from dinosaurs and Bronze Age findings to the Champa Kingdom and French colonial rule. Fossilised remains prove dinosaurs once roamed what is now Savannakhet, and archaeological findings suggest humans lived in the area at...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Get up close to the people of Savannakhet. The Phouthai live in lowland river valleys, and you’ll find small pockets of ethnic Bru, Tri, Laha, and Katang in the mountainous east in remote Nong District. The province’s Phouthai often mix with the similar Tai people, and many consider...Read more.

Things to Do: Uncover the hidden gems of Savannakhet’s Historic Trail by following the province’s five circuits. Just a walk around Historic Downtown Savannakhet reveals almost 20 attractions, while the Savannakhet Outskirts present easy-to reach natural, cultural, and historical sites. Jump on the...Read more.

Top Attractions: Be among the first to explore the Savannakhet Historic Trail. You’ll find ancient ruins, meet the locals at rarely visited ethnic villages, and soak in magical natural sites. Savannakhet’s most sacred site, That Ing Hang, headlines the province’s attractions. Some say Indian King Asoka...Read more.

Getting There: You can fly or bus from Vientiane, Pakse, and even Thailand. Transportation to Savannakhet is easy to find in Central and Southern Lao Provinces. Lao Airlines offers 5 weekly flights – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – to Savannakhet International Airport departing...Read more.

Getting Around: You’ll find plenty of transport options, whether you’re touring the town or heading off on the Savannakhet Historic Trail. Tuk tuks are available in Savannakhet Town and at bus stations throughout the province to explore the various attractions. Sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches)...Read more.

Where to Stay: Savannakhet welcomes more guests to Laos than anywhere except Vientiane. Its lure as a tourism hub is its link between Thailand to Vietnam along the “Savannakhet Historic Trail”. Savannakhet has unlocked the doors to almost 6,000 rooms at a range of accommodation and prices. Most...Read more.

Travel Guide: The Savannakhet Historic Trail presents the province in bite-size circuits to offer easy access to all its attractions. A variety of transportation options allow you to reach Savannakhet Town from Vientiane and nearby provinces, as well as Thailand and Vietnam. You’ll find accommodation...Read more.


The Savannakhet Historic Trail

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