Nature’s Backdoor…Bolikhamxay
Enter Nature’s Backdoor in for hidden outdoor secrets and Buddhist sites shrouded in mystery. The province presents a great extension for your Vientiane stay, or an intriguing stopover on your journey in The Last Frontier.


History: Founded by old Siam, Bolikhamxay is now 100% Laos. Bolikhamxay faced many invasions from the Siamese throughout its history. The foundation of the provincial capital Pakxan dates from the late 19th century during a time of Siamese control. After 1865, the Chinese Haw pillaged...Read more.

Ethnic Diversity: Meet the people who live in nature, from the Mekong River to the mountains bordering Vietnam. The Lao Tai live in the Mekong River valley, having migrated from China, and they tend to farm rice and fish. They also grow coco palms and various fruits, and raise cattle, buffaloes...Read more.

Things to Do: Enter Nature’s Backdoor to uncover hidden outdoor secrets. The province presents a great extension for a Vientiane stay, or an intriguing stopover on your journey in the Last Frontier. Fancy a walk through nature to a spectacular view? In Phou Khao Kwai (PKK) National Protected Area...Read more.

Top Attractions: Uncover secrets in nature and Buddhist sites shrouded in mystery. A short drive from Vientiane places you through Nature’s Backdoor and deeper into The Last Frontier. Bolikhamxay presents a natural paradise mixed with sacred Buddhist temples and sites. The province’s landscape...Read more.

Getting There: Taking a bus or sawng taew (Pickup trucks with benches) is the only way to get to Bolikhamxay, whether from neighbouring Vientiane or other provincial centres. Local, VIP, and express busses, as well as sawng taews depart from Vientiane Capital’s Southern Bus Terminal, for Pakxan...Read more.

Getting Around: You’ll be going local on your exploration of Nature’s Backdoor.  Sawng taews (Pickup trucks with benches) travel between Bolikhamxay’s district centres throughout the day. They depart when full, and early morning is the best time for catching a quick ride. Some sawng taew drivers can...Read more.

Where to Stay: Looking for a relaxing retreat near Vientiane? Stopping in Bolikhamxay before continuing south or east to Vietnam? You’ll find a choice of hotels and guesthouses centred at key locations around the province. Spend the night in a natural setting or with a riverside balcony. Find a...Read more.

Travel Guide: Bolikhamxay offers a respite from Vientiane or adventure in nature. Many travellers stopover on their way to other Central Lao destinations. Though tourists are just beginning to discover Bolikhamxay’s natural and cultural bounty, the province is easy to access, and an adequate local...Read more.


Enter Nature’s Backdoor…Bolikhamxay