Getting To Laos

Flying to Laos? Flights to Laos from around the world are easy to organize. You’ll find direct connections throughout Asia. Vientiane is Laos’ top airport, offering connecting domestic flights. Direct flights to Luang Prabang are on the rise, with Pakse and Savannakhet also on the international radar. Entering Laos Overland? Land-linked by five neighbors, Laos … Read more

Discover Mekong

Meet the lifeblood of Laos, the legendary Mekong, and discover its top landings. You can cruise the river from port to port, or explore the treasures along its shores. Immerse yourself in Mekong River life in a village on the shore. Take a local boat to secret coves, book a multi-day cruise, cycle along its … Read more


From remote mountain villages to the Mekong River, each Lao province is a destination in itself. And, it’s easy to explore several during your visit. Click on a region to learn more about destinations in Laos.

Things To Do In Laos

Enter a natural amusement park fit for families, baby boomers, and hardcore thrill seekers. Everyone can visit Lao ethnic villages, splash in waterfall pools, or reach mountaintop views. It’s just a matter of “How”. You can enjoy a pleasant walk through nature or tackle a multi-day mountain trek. Board a riverboat for a smooth cruise, … Read more