Salavan Ethnic Diversity

  Many of Southern Laos’ 17,000-plus Alak live in Salavan, having migrated from Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Their palm and thatch houses encircle communal spirit houses on stilts. Several clans – named after animals considered sacred – comprise the Alak’s matriarchal society, in which women once tattooed their faces. They hold annual buffalo sacrifices and festivals … Read more

Salavan’s Heritage Sites

Visit Ong Keo Stone Stupa, a cement-less and growing pyramid of rocks commemorating a local revolutionary. Travel from Salavan Town to Toumlan to see the bombed out ruins of Khua Ban Darn Bridge, or head higher into the mountains to find remnants of the Indochina War on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.   Ong Keo … Read more

Trekking in Salavan

  Tad Soung Trek Start this 1-day trek with a walk up the Xe Set River. The fairly rugged, 10-km trail weaves through forest and fields, with stops at ethnic villages. At Saneum Nai, a short but steep climb leads to a set of natural stairs descending to Tad Soung Waterfall plunging 90 metres of … Read more

Salavan Caves

  Stone Casket Cave: Inspect the huge stone caskets (Long Sop Saen Kham), from an early civilization, in a cave on Phou Saen Kham Mountain. To get there from Tad Lo, go to Ban Senvang Noi, then follow the trail on the right of the road and walk for 5 km to the caskets. You … Read more