The Rock Lodge Opening Rates!

The Rock Lodge Opening Rates!


Sustainable Tourism at its Purest Form created by mother in Laos!

Dont wait Give them a Call and book your vacation under the stars!


Your options of staying in a capsule, with or without a shower, Toilets are standard for all,

The Tree houses one called (Langoon) the other (BUL BUL)

Langoon – has 1 king bed, 4 toilets and 2 showers, BUL BUL, again has a 1 king bed, 2 bunk beds

2 toilets and 2 showers.

The Capsules

Each Capsule has a 9 sqm Balcony with a jungle view, where else do you need to venture at night, except on your balcony and listen to the calls of nature and stars in the skies above your head.


located at the conservation national park in Ban Na Hin, Mueang Koun District, Khammouan Province. from Vientiane takes about 4-5 hours by bus or car.  If you are in Khammouan Province, will take around 2-3 hours to get there. 

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