We are Lao

We are Lao


Wearelao.com  Thank you!

Would like to thank our new partners for trusting us to support them through our website

www.wearelao.com  the rotating boxes can promote and bring awareness to their companies and establishments, it works in both of favor and to support each other promoting Laos and the business here working to strive to achieve their goals and targets.

Drop me an email to discuss if you would care to add your Company profile on our home page John@wearelao.com


https:// www.goloas.com

Thanks to Darren and his team who is now working to upgrade and set out new products for when the day comes to open our doors to the Tourism industry, an opportunity as well for those who would care to work with Golaos.


Vientiane Rescue 1623

https://vientianerescue.org/ One of Vientiane rescue team with international standards in road accidents, caving, river diving teams, Team dedicated to saving your life in a time of an accident.



Lao Pottery House Luang prabang


Thieng and his team are re living one of Laos oldest pottery village in Luang prabang, across the river in Chomphet District.  Well worth taking a look at their website to understand their products, and their hand-crafted pottery, join them for a day on the potter’s wheel and craft your own pots or plates.


CCR Sport Bike shop – Vientiane Lao PDR


ONE OF Vientiane top Bicycle shops, with new Bicycle for all ages and styles, helmets, spare tires, accessories, and for myself to repair and keep the Giant moving forwards, highly recommend their services and support.  


Elephant Conservation Center Sayabouly


one place that should be on your bucket list here in Laos travelling to and from Luang prabang

where you can see Elephants as they should be back in Nature and away from Human interactions, support is always required to maintain and increase ethe Population here in Lao PDR.


KK Language Academy @ Translation Services @teachtranslate


their translation services / English / Chinese / French / Russian /

 Thai/ Japanese / Korean / Spanish and Italian, take a look through their Facebook page for the services you may require.



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