Zero Waste Laos

Zero Waste Laos


Dear Souksaveuy,

Would like to thank you for your time to answer our questions on your project Zero waste Laos!

this is a great inspiration for the younger genrations her ein Laos to take a page form their book to look at 

Recycling - Re uisng - Reduce ! 

please follow them on their Zero Loas FB page inspire them to move forwards and involve your villages or Hotels, Resorts and business to

do the same! takes only a few minutes! 


When did you start Zero waste Laos?

I started Zero Waste Laos in 2019


what was the reason to move forward with your project?

A big passion drives me and my team have drive our project. we are a group of young people who want to protect and keep Lao clean.

I have been working in Waste Sector for more than 2 years, I am aware that there are many issues to be solved in every part of the country. Level of awareness on environmental issues and waste of citizen are very low, facilities of waste management and law enforcement need to be improved. Thus, I am gathering all young energic people who have passionate for waste management to come and work together 


Who is supporting your project form the public sector?

We have more than 15 organizations or development partners supported us such as Norwegian People ‘AID, Plan International, UNFPA, UNV, UK embassy, EU in Laos, Swiss contact, ISL, Namthuen 2,

How many team members are working alongside you?

We have 20 core team members and more than 100 volunteers

What is your target?

Our target is to creat in the long run for Zero Waste Laos?eate awareness to people in Laos on Waste management and environmental issue, to promote banning burning trash, create role model school on waste management, we also work on youth development, and we have try to transform our team members to be sustainability leaders in Laos. In addition, we target to create aware to Lao people on climate change.

Will you take this project into the schools and colleges in Vientiane?

Yes. We are having pilots project in Vientiane and southern Laos.


How many refuse vendors do you work with?

I haven’t work with vendors yet


Are there any farmers who have joined to collect wet waste for their live stocks?

We will develop this project with farmers soon to focus on adaptation to climate change and agriculture waste.


Currently, we are working as volunteering group, we are turning to be NGOs soon.


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