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Things to Do in Laos
Laos is loaded with things to do, both indoors and out. You can focus on a few, or go all in.


Enter a natural amusement park fit for families, baby boomers, and hardcore thrill seekers. Everyone can visit Lao ethnic villages, splash in waterfall pools, or reach mountaintop views. It’s just a matter of “How”.     

You can enjoy a pleasant walk through nature or tackle a multi-day mountain trek. Board a riverboat for a smooth cruise, or battle rapids in a raft. Pedal around a town to see the sites or hop on a mountain bike to bounce over rugged trails. Easily explore roadside caves or zip-line through the treetops. Laos has loads of activities. Pick the one for you.          

Contrast the serene side of laidback Laos with its adventures. The two are inseparable. Buddhism and spiritual beliefs seamlessly weave through the country’s many activities in nature.

Tune into Laos at religious sites, ethnic villages, and local festivals, or at museums, galleries, and even noodle shops. Heritage hounds can dig deep into the past, while visitors looking to relax can enjoy a massage and fine dining.

This just scratches the surface of Things to Do in Laos. With all the choices, begin planning today.  


Things to Do in Laos

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