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Extreme Adventures in Laos
The mountains, jungles, and rivers of Laos overflow with Extreme Adventures. In Laos, daredevil motocross riders, crazed kayakers, insane spelunkers, and hard-core trekkers can live the dream.


Adrenaline addicts can reach new highs in Laos. Zip line through the jungle canopy and stay in tree forts. Climb sheer cliffs or hike steep trails to mountaintops for breath-taking views. Explore a limestone landscape pocked with little-known, endless caves. Battle all levels of rapids in a kayak or raft. Spend a few days in the jungle living off the land, or try extreme dining with a plate of insects fresh from the frying pan.

Lao is the Last Frontier on the adventure trail, and presents a playground for mega-explorers, and more outdoor thrills are constantly coming on line. Tackle a via ferrata (iron way) that crosses gorges on U-shaped cable bridges, and sends you abseiling down cliffs and waterfalls. Newbies can enter the thrill-seeking world at nature park courses that include zip-lining and outdoor challenges.

And the excitement Laos delivers has no bounds. More rivers with higher-level rapids are opening up for kayakers and rafters who need that extra rush. Recently discovered caves that disappear into Middle Earth are being found for die-hard spelunkers. And, more rugged treks take you deeper into the jungle, higher into remote mountains, and along the famed Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Northern Laos Extreme Adventures

If you’re born to be wild, go extreme in Northern Laos. Take a multi-day trek in the mountains, stay in the jungle camp, and gather a natural dinner. Spend a day in an Oudomxay cave. Kayak and mountain bike over Luang Namtha’s rugged terrain. Zip line through Bokeo’s tree canopy. Motocross around Luang Prabang. To discover more about Extreme Adventures in Northern Laos, choose a Northern Laos Destination.   

Central Laos Extreme Adventures

Central Laos can take you to the extremes. Khammouane, the Cave Capital of Laos, lures spelunkers to miles of underground adventures. Hike over harsh terrain on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and retrace the warriors’ steps through thick jungle. And, the rugged mountains beckon the toughest motocross riders. To discover more about Extreme Adventures in Central Laos, choose a Central Laos Destination.   

Southern Laos Extreme Adventures

Southern Laos challenges daredevils to try its Extreme Adventures. Only pros with permission can kayak over the Mekong’s merciless Li Phi falls. But no need to get wet on Champasak’s Tree Top Explorer. Creep through Attapeu’s jungle to a lake in an inactive volcano, or head over Salavan’s mountains to Ta-Oy with views of Vietnam. To discover more about Extreme Adventures in Southern Laos, choose a Southern Laos Destination.   


Adventures in Laos: The Last Frontier

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