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MTF Insights: Susie Martin & Rachel O’Shea @ Laos Buffalo Dairy Susie is the CEO and Rachel is the Chef of the Laos Buffalo Dairy, a sustainable venture with a unique business plan. This will be their first MTF, having heard about event in March from John Williams of Luang Prabang View, who directed them to the MIST application process.

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MTF Insights: John Morris Williams @ Luang Prabang View Hotel John in the General Manager of Luang Prabang View hotel, which is hosting the MIST (Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism) finalists’ presentations. This will be John’s first Mekong Tourism Forum (MTF).

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 Submitted by Bernie Rosenbloom (Huzhou, China) – Interest in Asia Pacific rural tourism has spiked in recent decades, much like country retreats did in 19th-century Victorian England, and for similar reasons. The growing urban Asian population is seeking to escape their pressure-filled, yet often mundane city life, and are increasingly turning to leisure and relaxation holidays in the countryside. However, the Asia Pacific faces a much different situation today than Thomas Cook in the 1850s.

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MTF Insights: Jacques Mury @ Villa Santi and Santi Resort & Spa Jacques is the general manager of the Villa Santi and Santi Resort & Spa, which is the host of the MTF Food Fair. This is Jacques’ first MTF, and he first found out about the Luang Prabang event late last year. What challenges does Luang Prabang face in hosting a multi-venue event? Little information has transpired about this event. My understanding is that the main meeting will be at the Central Bank and some hotels will share some other functions.

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