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Free the Bears Fund center comes to the rescue. The capture of endangered Asiatic blacks bears, which are typically exported and sold so their parts can be used for medicinal purposes, continues to occur in Laos, despite efforts to reduce wildlife poaching and trafficking in the Southeast Asian nation and pledges by authorities to crack down on those who engage in them.

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No one likes a trash-laden UNESCO site, least of all Luang Prabang. Over the years, several initiatives set out to keep the city clean, but the efforts were often uncoordinated and short-lived. As one project faded, another stepped in to help get rid of the litter that taint the streets and river banks.

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A band of Luang Prabang businesses have jumped onboard the plastic bottle boycott with the “Refill not Landfill” initiative.

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A week-long trip “Journey through the Capitals of Vietnam and Laos” is being jointly organised by Vietnam’s Hanoitourist travel agency and Laos’ Xay Mung Khun Company.

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Rosewood Luang Prabang opened on 27 March, as an ultra-luxury escape within an idyllic hilltop forest in north central Laos, where guests can to immerse themselves in the rich cultural history, spiritual heritage and diverse tropical landscape of Luang Prabang.

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The toursim industry in Luang Prabang is leading a campaign to reduce single-use plastic water bottles. Many hotels and tour operators, restaurants and cafes, museums and other businesses in the town center offer safe drinking water refill stations.

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Natural indigo-dyed garments fetch high price tags at boutique shops worldwide but little is known about the origin of this dark blue colour and the people who create it.

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Bangkok Airways introduces double daily services on the Bangkok-Vientiane route effective 25 March.

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uang Prabang View General Manager John Morris Williams explains that although business is important, backing for social activities is also part of the hotel's vision, especially in promoting Luang Prabang and Laos as a tourist destination.

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A friend living in Vientiane recently complained of incessant noise next to her house where a Chinese gang was busy constructing a new feeder road. None of the residents had been consulted. The residents are afraid that asphalt will bring speed and accidents. To the slower paced Laotians, the Chinese are unwelcome. "Why can't Laotians do that work? Who asked if we wanted this road?" one onlooker asked. Good questions.

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