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What started as a Mark Wiens’ Travel for Food vlog, ended up as toilets in a remote Khmu village in Luang Prabang.

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According to World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2017, the total contribution from travel and tourism to Lao PDR's gross domestic product (GDP) was around US$2 billion, which accounted for 13.7 percent of total GDP. This figure is expected to rise up to US$3.3 billion by 2028.

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Vientiane diners look set to get a good deal on popular Lao dishes. According to “Laopost”, The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) announced a new price control policy in Vientiane Capital on pho, kao piek, kao pat, and kao latna.

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Laos is setting its tree-planting sites high for celebrating Arbour Day and International Children’s Day on 1 June, with a plan to sow saplings on 27,000 hectares in 2018.

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Mekong Kingdoms is proud to announce the maiden Mekong River voyage of Gypsy, an ultra-exclusive two-cabin river cruiser, between the ancient Laos capital of Luang Prabang and Thailand's Golden Triangle, in May 2018. A private tailored three-night, four-day cruise from Luang Prabang to the Golden Triangle and a two-night, three-day cruise from the Golden Triangle to Luang Prabang for up to four passengers are on offer.

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New & Cool is stretching its wings to Southern Laos and a jeep journey deep into the heartland of coffee, hidden down uknown trails on the Bolaven Plateau.

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Hainan United Airlines and the Lao Tourism Promotion Department put the wheels in motion for a new route between Hainan, China, and Vientiane and Luang Prabang, while Lao Airlines expects to begin direct flights between Luang Prabang province and Changsha in Hunan Province starting in June.

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Thousands of visitors crammed the provincial capital on Friday to enjoy the colourful activities organised to officially launch Visit Laos Year in Houaphanh province.

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The National University of Laos and other partners, led by Khiri Travel Laos, are celebrating the 25th International Day of Biological Diversity on Tuesday, 22 May, by organizing a "Clean Up and Water Hyacinth Removal" project in Vientiane from 16:00-18:00. Participants should gather at the Comcenter College, Nongchanh Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane.

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The Asian Trails Group announced that Philippe Conod will retire from his role as a Managing Director of Asian Trails Laos as of 6 June, with Virginie Kury being tapped as the new General Manager as of 16 May .Ms Kury will report directly to Thuy Tien, who assumes role of Managing Director for both Vietnam and Laos.

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