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Season 31 of ‘Amazing Race’ kicked off on 17 April, and the next stop is Laos, with close to 8 million US viewers expected to be glued to their TVs to see who gets bounced in the Land of a Million Elephants.

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“The soft release of elephants into the wild is a scientific experiment, and the first in Laos. I can’t wait to see what happens,” said ECC's Sebastien “Seb” Duffillot.

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"Rather than trying to promote projects that really would help,, they just come up with rather bland or banal projects because they're keen to make sure the money is spent.”

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The city is currently riding a wave of popularity with Chinese visitors, with some travelling in groups of hundreds of vehicles.

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Multi-million dollar fashion brand Max Mara exploits the cultural designs and heritage of the Oma, an isolated ethnic minority group in northern Laos, without any acknowledgement or compensation

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Ock Pop Tok’s Veo spoke about role of using cultural heritage as a means of economic development in local communities at “Heritage Protection: The Asian Experience” held by the Siam Society in Bangkok.

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About 10 years ago, National Geographic led an expedition to little known, 7-km Xebangfai River Cave in eastern Khammouane Province’s “Hinterland” near Vietnam.

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Asian Trails has announced the appointment of Ms Laetitia Law-Lai, a French national, as their new Laos General Manager starting 8 April 2019.

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“We need to eliminate the idea that Pakbeng is just an overnight stop on a Mekong cruise. This is not true. There is plenty to see and do. This is what guests are asking for,” said Ket Thipphachanh, Le Grand Pakbeng Resort owner and Visit Asia Travel Managing Director.

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A dedicated group of World Expeditions travellers helped raise $17,000 AUD for more than 500 rescued bears who live at Free the Bears sanctuaries in Vietnam and Laos.

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