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Inthira Hotels & Restaurants participated in Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) on 13-15 June, 2018, at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya, Thailand.

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Champasak authorities and residents have agreed to broaden the Mekong River’s Irrawaddy dolphin conservation zone from 21 to 150 hectares to provide more food and room for less human disturbance.

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While arrivals have dropped, the Ministry of Information, Cultural, and Tourist puts on a positive spin, though revenue per tourist remains the lowest in Asia.

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Suntara Restaurant hosted an exclusive Singapore Embassy dinner party featuring the island nation's award-winning chefs Vincent Bio, Fabian Teo and Ronnie Seng Who Lee, who dazzled Lao guests with their culinary skills.

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Sanakeo Boutique Hotel & Spa in Luang Prabang attended last week’s LAOFOOD ’18 in Vientiane, and offers interesting insight into the exhibition and culinary/hospitality competitions.

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Inthira Hotels & Restaurants presented Laos’ biggest ever basket of sticky rice at the opening of LAOFOOD 2018 Exhibition, held at the National Convention Centre in Vientiane from 7-9 July, while also taking home honours at the event’s hospitality and culinary competitions.

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Free the Bears has announced its 2018 updates and plans, with its new Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary (LPWS) near Kuang Si Waterfall taking centre stage.

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Sulivong Luangaphay, a long-time plant lover and orchid aficionado, told the Lao media that a new orchid species was seen in a street market in Vientiane on Arbour Day.

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With various barriers hindering the development of the tourism industry, authorities in charge will work closely with the relevant sectors to remove these obstacles, a minister told parliament yesterday.

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The Mekong Riverview Hotel in Luang Prabang is currently developing the offsite Palm Tree Health Spa with a swimming pool, and the Viewpoint Organic Garden to grow their own produce. Both projects are well underway, and are scheduled to be up and running in 2018.

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