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On 15 August, Lao Natural launched its Luang Prabang showroom, marking a milestone in their journey to create and sell several lines of locally sourced natural toiletries, massage oils, and a range of other products.

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Floods are causing the temporary closure of Lao tourist sites and partially submerging Vientiane’s new Nakharath City shopping centre in the Mekong Riverside’s Chao Anouvong Park.

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In response to the devastation caused by the dam collapse in Attapeu, a south-eastern province of Laos, AccorHotels donated US$10,000 to the Lao Red Cross to support immediate disaster relief efforts.

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Heuan Chan Heritage House is now offering immersive cooking classes to discover the complexities of Luang Prabang’s traditional food and the role it plays in the locals’ way of life.

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The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge is currently finalizing packages to provide a full Pakbeng experience that includes Mekong cruising, touring options and activities on land, and accommodation at the lodge.

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The Southern Laos Marketing Taskforce is preparing to launch its Refill not Landfill campaign to reduce plastic waste in the tourism sector by promoting re-usable water bottles and water refill stations.

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That Found stupa in Khoun district, Xieng Khuang province, is attracting more than 300 visitors a month following its renovation, a significant improvement compared to the past.

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Luxury liner, Pandaw, has launched a 21-day combo river cruise that spends 11 days scouring the Mekong between Vientiane and the Golden Triangle. The other leg of the journey explores Halong Bay, and the Red River Delta and tributaries near Hanoi. The itinerary includes a Vientiane-Hanoi flight.

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Luang Prabang-based Offroad Laos Adventures has announced the 2018 schedule for its seven-day Mysterious Golden Triangle motorcycle tours.

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Following the recent partnership between Summit Tours and Green Discovery to launch Summit Discovery, Summit Tours has appointed Paul Burnett as its Executive Director.

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