Meet Tha Deua on The Mekong

You’ve arrived at The Land of the Elephants. Check out the activity at this local Mekong pier, and then ride into Sayabouly Town, the tourism hub of the province, and gateway to the Elephant Sanctuary.


Sayabouly Town, located about 80 km from Luang Prabang, is served by Tha Deua Pier, which mostly handles ferry and commercial traffic. A few high-end cruise lines include Sayabouly Town on their Golden Triangle-Vientiane voyages. You can also reach Tha Deua on a ferry from Pak Beng.  

However, the rough current between Luang Prabang and Tha Deua prevents smaller riverboats from offering the voyage, though it is possible on a large charter. A short drive from the Thai Deua Pier delivers cruise passengers to Sayabouly Town. The town and surrounding area offer plenty of restaurants and accommodation, as well as Laos’ popular Elephant Sanctuary and other nature-based activities. 


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